Start up & Retail

Business & Advisory

Instant business advice whilst on the go, Understanding that business
owners have little time to seek advice and support in this fast paced world, We offer ‘Live Chat’ opportunity which enables start ups, entrepreneurs and business owners to speak remotely with me without the need to travel.

Whether you have a business idea you'd like to explore or you're already running a small business, As an experienced Business Advisors I can provide you with free business advice, guidance and support.

Here at the Retail Doctor, I deliver free initial business advice and support online via our Live Chat Service and face-to-face business advice.

Co working / Incubation

Advice & Support

Experienced in creating branded spaces , policies to manage, and designing spaces to support entrepreneurs and create successful businesses with the aim to help entrepreneurs to get started and support them as they grow their business to achieve profit and success.

I worked to ensure the co working spaces were profitable and carefully managed with online tools, ensuring the businesses could be ready to sell their products, raise money or become investor ready. 

I also created communities and connected them to individuals and groups with whom they could network.

Live Chat




After many years working for social enterprises, focusing on Innovation and enabling start ups and businesses to get the support they needed in a face to face environment, I was tasked with digitally transforming the organisation to offer all services online.


Using an agile approach to formulate business cases, timelines, budgets, and deliver on time for each service.


I created project frameworks to include project management, teams, plans and resources to ensure success and advising on what steps and processes could and should be taken to support the management team.


AI implementation focused on transferring face to face support t​o online through the use of Live chat and AI - producing huge cost savings and the ability to understand the customer, using the data collected.


Mapping the customer journey in the process allowed the organisation to identify opportunities and to increase the value added to the engagement with customers.