Welcome to The Retail Doctor - Small Business Advice UK.

Since our inception, The Retail Doctor has been totally
focused on helping & supporting start ups, offering business advice, growing sales and decrease costs.

Firstly a bit of background: The Retail Doctor was initally set up in 2003 by Greg Thomas. The Retail Doctor was set up to support small businesses, start ups and entrepreneurs who enjoy the business of being successful.

I have experience in large companies such as Bass, Costa Coffee, Starbucks & Subway, as well as MD for a chain of food stores across London.

For the last 12 years I created co working spaces where Entrepreneurs and pre-start businesses could start their journey - helping dozens of businesses successfully start and grow.


With this experience The Retail Doctor was formed to help start ups, new ventures and small businesses to be more successful, grow sales and decrease costs while avoiding some of the time consuming pitfalls that exist. Since our successful launch we have worked with a large number of small & large companies and been involved in the creation of new branded high street concepts.

We have worked with some amazing people; from designers to architects, from marketers to property agents, from bar owners to restaurateurs and from entrepreneurs to high street brands.

We will help you focus on whats important to you to optimise your business concentrate and prioritise , whether that's business concept and creation, branding, website design, Marketing to cash flow forecast, business plans, budget forecasts, staff contracts or appraisals.

If it involves the business of being successful then I can help.

Greg Thomas


Driven, Entrepreneurial spirit, Passionate 

After many years working within the retail sector, i have spent the last 10 years working for Social Enterprises innovating and transforming practices.