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Start up UK - Side Hustle

Be clear about your motivations for starting up a business. Perhaps you want to run a business from home doing what you love. Maybe you are driven by wanting to make a positive impact on society. Think about how you see your business in the future. You might want to grow your company and employ staff, building a family firm for future generations; or perhaps you want to make enough money to sell up and move on.

Maybe you want to generate wealth to buy your dream home or travel; or you may simply want enough income to replace what you earned as an employee.

Rather than give up your paid employment straightaway, you may want to start your new business venture in your spare time. A start up that begins in this way is known as a "side hustle".

You keep the benefits of being employed, while testing the viability of a new business. It is a compromise, but it can also be a springboard, allowing you to develop your business idea with less personal and financial risk.

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